Scientific papers and articles; (updated regularly)
» 4th Generation e-Services : Requirements for the Development of Mobile e-Services
» A case study of application development for mobile and location-based services
» A case study of cross-platform web application capability
» A Congestion Avoidance Mechanism for WebRTC Interactive Video Sessions in LTE Networks
» A context-aware application mobility approach
» A Cross-Platform Application Framework for HTML5-based e-Services
» A web-based time machine with augmented reality
» Application Mobility - Concept and Design
» Challenges and opportunities in content distribution networks : a case study
» Combining storytelling tradition and pervasive gaming: props
» Comparative API Complexity analysis of two platforms for networked multiplayer games using a reference game
» Conceptually advancing "Application Mobility" towards design : applying a concept-driven approach to the design of mobile IT for home care service groups
» Community–Based Activity Monitoring Service For The Elderly
» Cross-layer design for improved QoE in content distribution networks
» Developing useful mobile applications in cross media platforms
» Disaster-Resilient Mobile Network Architecture
» Experiences of the Elderly, their Relatives, and Volunteers of a Social Media Application in Monitoring of Wellbeing
» Interworking techniques and architectures for heterogeneous wireless networks
» Mobile computing application for industrial field service engineering: a case for ABB service engineers
» Mobile e-Services - State of the Art and Focus Areas for Research
» Mobile e-services using HTML5
» Mobile VoIP user experience in LTE
» NIMO overall architecture and service enablers
» Nomadic mobility between smart homes
» Porting a 3D tablet interface onto a wall-sized display
» Props: 3D-game-like mediator for improvisational storytelling
» Reputation based security model for android applications
» Rethinking IP mobility management
» SNS as a Platform of the Activity Monitoring system for the Elderly
» Towards Implementing Web-based Adaptive Application Mobility using Web Real-Time Communications
» Two Shades of Service Mobility: Application Mobility and Mobile E-services
» WallDroid : cloud assisted virtualized application specific firewalls for the Android OS
» Web-based adaptive application mobility

Seminar on Mobile e-Services, Skellefteå, Sweden; (130610) » Download
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Finding NIMO, Bristol, UK; (120601) » Download
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Seminar on E-services, Skellefteå, Sweden; (111122) » Download
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NIMO Workshop, Haparanda, Sweden (111117) » Download
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