Work Packages » The NIMO architecture is a two layer architecture with separate layers for NIMO Service pilots and NIMO Service enablers.

The activities performed in the project will be carried out in four (4) work packages (WPs). Each WP will be lead by a WP leader responsible for the activities in each WP. Each WP will be focused on a specific part of the NIMO architecture, either NIMO Service pilots or NIMO Service enablers. The service pilot WPs are handled from one specific geographic location (NIMO node), although all participating parties will contribute with their unique competencies to all WPs. A fifth WP (WP5) will handle management and administration in NIMO.

WP1: NIMO Service pilot Advanced e-Services for Citizens
WP2: NIMO Service pilot Community-based Elderly Care
WP3: NIMO Service pilot 3D Internet (realXtend)
WP4: NIMO Overall Architecture and Service Enablers