WP1: NIMO Service pilot Advanced e-Services for Citizens » The activities in WP1 will be managed from NIMO Site Skellefteå, but all participating parties will contribute with their unique competencies. e-Services is a way of allowing citizens to interact with municipality administrations and government agencies using ICT-based tools. First phase services allowed only for one-way communication where information was spread to citizens via web pages. Also, typically download of forms was a first phase service. Second phase e-services included limited interaction where unsigned information and simple requests could be sent from citizens to municipality administrations and government agencies. Third phase, which is state-of-the-art today, allows for citizens to authorize using publicly or privately provided electronic IDs. Generally this allows for citizens to submit signed documents. Typically tax declarations, request for payments from the social security system, and various request of services handled by municipalities like applications for kindergardens and schools are today handled by third phase e-services. Furthermore, some municipality administrations and government agencies provide chat services for their citizens today. Next phase is foreseen to include multi-channel support, allow for location-based services, and to allow for improved interaction, so that more data that was collected from citizens is made public (of course taking issues of privacy into account).

Objectives of WP1 include:

NIMO objective #1-1:
* Description of a fourth generation e-Services architecture

NIMO objective #1-2:
* Design and implementation of incremental fourth generation pilot e-Services in the technical field. Multi-channel support (including mobile phones, advanced PDAs, and PCs) will be included. Location of users will be an important input.

Recent activities:
* Seminar on E-services. Download material