WP2: NIMO Service pilot Community-based Elderly Care » The activities in WP2 will be managed from NIMO Site Rovaniemi, but all participating parties will contribute with their unique competencies. In the service, the third sector, relatives and friends are collected to take care of a certain person. In the background there is a notion of the ancient monitoring system operated in the rural areas in which the neighbors took care of others by monitoring if the lights are lit, does the smoke rise from the chimney or has the newspaper picked up from the mail box. This kind of social support and safety system can be stated as "soft" monitoring and it differs from the mainstream "hard" safety services by giving more power for the elderly to make a decision on its own matters. In the service the user can define, case by case, what activity can be monitored and who can follow her life. Sensors can be used as part of the service as well. The role of technical devices and systems is to support the quality of living so that a user feels capable of utilizing one's opportunities in a confident and motivated manner. Functional independence must be supported and culturally defined roles preserved in order to promote the willingness to use tools continuously. Based on our earlier study it can be concluded that the elderly in northern Finland have a positive stand toward technology, and approximately half of them are willing to use new technology in the near future in order to live at home (Alakärppä & Karjalainen 2007). The elderly associate strong conceptions and implications with technology, which should be observed in technological design as well as in service production. For that reason, there is need to find new solutions which support living at home and offer a new way to take care of the aging population. In this WP the general goal is to improve safety and social support for the elderly by developing not stigmatizing services running in the social media. It is assumed that the social support increases safety by supporting the communal functions of the elderly with the individual-centered approach. In this WP the community-based elderly care service is developed and tested in real life settings.

Objectives of WP2 include:

NIMO objective #2-1:
* Design and implementation of an innovative application for the safety and welfare through the social media that makes it possible to take care of the relatives or friends remotely. Furthermore, the application supports interaction between generations. The application presents target's life in a playful web user interface utilizing sensor technology, observations by neighbours and status updates by the elderly. The application is fully controlled by the target, so that the user has all the rights to decide who can follow him or her.

NIMO objective #2-2:
* Trial of the application by the aged people in Rovaniemi and by his/her friends and relatives during at least 6 months. Feedback from the pilot is collected through a follow-up survey.

Recent activities:
* Service Pilot on Community-based Elderly Care Emerging. Download material