WP3: NIMO Service pilot 3D Internet (realXtend) » The activities in WP3 will be managed from NIMO Site Oulu, but all participating parties will contribute with their unique competencies. Pervasive gaming is seamless integration and interaction of real world with the game world. The activities will build on prior examples including panOULU Conqueror and UBI Ghostbusters. In this WP game concepts which connect different generations and support social participation are developed. The real world and the game world are combined in a new innovative ways. realXtend, which is an open source platform for interconnected virtual worlds, http://www.realxtend.org/, will be used.

Objectives of WP3 include:

NIMO objective #3-1:
* Design and implementation of virtual models of a city centre including outdoor modeling of a limited number of city blocks and indoor modeling of selected key buildings. Also, resources for hosting of the resulting virtual model for open access will be provided. Finally, an open community process to expand and maintain the model will be initiated.

NIMO objective #3-2:
* Design and implementation of virtual models of elderly homes (indoors and outdoors).

Recent activities:
* Design of Oulu 3D continues. Download material